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Ultimate Pack Mobile

Ultimate Pack Mobile

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This is the Ultimate pack! It includes 8 presets combining my Original and Travel pack! This pack gives you a lot of bang for your buck and saves you money in the long run! It is a $120 value selling for only $90 (BOGO Price!) This is perfect if you are indecisive or you just want lots of beautiful presets to choose from!

These Presets are meant for the Lightroom MOBILE app ONLY! They will not work on the desktop version of Lightroom CC.

You can watch this video for easy instructions on how to import them into your Lightroom Mobile app: https://youtu.be/iWQwejVqGaY

This Pack comes with 8 Lightroom Presets & an editing guide. Here is a description of each preset included:

PASTEL POP- Pastel Pop is a beautiful preset that adds warmth, detail, and pinky tones to your photo. This Preset can give any photo a magical & tropical vibe.

GOLDEN GIRL- Golden Girl is perfect for anyone wanting a sun-kissed glow added to their photos. It's very versatile & looks great on any location your photo was shot whether it was the beach or in the city.

WEST COAST- West Coast is bright and vibrant. This happy preset is for anyone looking to make colors pop and to give off a good vibes with their photos.

PASTEL PARADISE- The sister to my original preset, Pastel Pop. I especially love this one because it has a slight tropical flare and really brings out soft pastels in photos!

SWEET SUMMER- A beautiful warm preset that will make photos feel sunny and happy! It is the perfect preset to give your photos a summer feel.

FRUIT PUNCH- A splash of vibrant tropical colors with deep blues and greens and rich warm tones! This is definitely the most colorful preset in the pack!

PIÑA COLADA- The most unique preset I have ever created. It focuses on softer colors and gives the whole photo a bright warm creamy look! This is the perfect preset if you are looking for something subtle and not too colorful

DOWN TO EARTH- Down to Earth is the most versatile of the bunch. It's rich tones and film feel give each photo an earthy aesthetic. This preset is easily modified & is a great way to enhance any photo and give it some life.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL- since this is a digital product, I can not offer refunds. Please note that when you purchase this pack, the sale is final.

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