Josie Sanders

The Sarasota Modern

Josie Sanders
The Sarasota Modern

Escaping the freezing Midwest for a four day getaway to warm, sunny Sarasota was just what I needed this winter! To be honest with you I was just so thankful to be out of the cold finally, but had no idea how much fun was in store!

One of my good friends, Ashely Bell, and I were invited to spend a few days the The Sarasota Modern, a super trendy portfolio hotel! They had just opened this past December and I was dying to check this place out! I had a few expectations coming in based off photos I had seen online, but once I was there I was totally blown away!! If you’re a blogger, photographer, or just a lover of anything trendy/aesthetically pleasing, this place is your DREAM HOTEL! From crisp clean white walls and millennial pink floors to fun bold patterns and outdoor terrace bathtubs, I think it is safe to say that this place is GORGEOUS.

Not only was the hotel a totally hit, but our days spent in Sarasota were packed full of fun activities, amazing food, lots of photo taking, and of course sunshine! Now I want to share with you our itinerary and all the details from this trip because it was such a blast! I hope you guys enjoy and if you are ever in the area definitely check out these places for yourself!!


The first day was an early start to hop on a plane to Sarasota. Indiana was experiencing -30 degree temps so you best believe I was ready to get my butt outta the cold and into Florida lol!

Arrival at the hotel

Ashley and I were picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel by their sweet media team! We were so excited to finally be there! Our room and the property was GORGEOUS!

Photos with Reggie AKA the hotel’s adorable Vintage VW Van!

Yeah you know I was DEAD when I saw this. Here are some photos from our fun little arrival shoot! 

Pool time

Their pool was UNREAL. I really don’t have words to describe how cool it was so you can just see for yourself! Here are some shots we got will down there!

Dinner at Shore
After editing and cleaning up we headed out for dinner at a local restaurant called Shore! The food was phenomenal! I got a scallop and shrimp dish with lemon risotto! YUM.


Breakfast at Overton

This place was also adorable.... shocker right?;) it was an indoor/outdoor breakfast place. I got the Avo toast and a flat white to drink! We also got to visit their new coffee bar opening next door soon!


Mote Marine Aquarium

We went on a fun little visit to the Mote aquarium! It was so neat seeing all the wildlife there and learning about the animals. I felt like a little kid again! 

Lunch at Columbia

Guys I swear I ate so much on this dang trip! Vacation calories don’t count though, right? ;) BUT, this place was THE BOMB.COM (do people even say that anymore? Lol you get the point though) I got pork, bean and rice, and the yummiest plantains!

Floral Bath tub shoot

After lunch all the girls in the trip and an idea do grab some flowers from Trader Joe’s and do a floral tub shoot on our Terrace!! I had SO much fun shooting and got some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken! 


Pool time

A few hours before dinner we headed to the pool to relax and snap a few photos of course ;) 

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 9.23.00 AM.png

Dinner at Rudolph’s

Rudolph’s is the restaurant/ bar inside the hotel! Their Chef, Jennifer Salhoff, was actually on the TV show Hell’s Kitchen! The food was SOOOO GOOD.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 9.47.26 AM.png


Breakfast at Station 400

Breakfast was delicious once again, I went for a Spanish omelet and cappuccino! We dined outside! 

Visit the Ringling

GUYS! THIS PLACE WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER! I visited Paris back in September and went to the Palace of Versailles which was the most beautiful building I have ever been to in my life. I would say this place was the Florida version of Versailles hahah! The architecture and detail was just insane and not to mention the beautiful bay and palm trees that surrounded the house! We also went to the Ringling Museum and took photos under this pink arch hallway! 

Lunch at Muse (at Ringling)

This was one of the coolest lunches I have ever eaten! I ordered a Caprese salad with chicken and it came on a giant Himalayan Salt Rock!!! HOW COOL!? It was delicious

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 9.34.15 AM.png

Pool time

After lunch we went to sit poolside to enjoy the beautiful day! It was 80 degrees and sunny! 

In room Massage with Pura Vie

I have never had a massage before so I had no expectations going into this! I really enjoyed it and felt SO relaxed after! I was really cool to have a Massage Therapist come to my room at The Sarasota Modern! They also had other services like facials and deep tissue massages that you could have done as well! 

Dinner at Lila

This place was heaven. A little, quaint dinner place that is primarily vegan and had the most unique food ever!

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 9.35.41 AM.png


Meet up with my friend Kahlea

For those of you that don’t know, I have a really great friend named Kahlea who lives in St. Pete! She drove to Sarasota the last day to meet up with Ashley and I! We had such a blast catching up together! I am so sad that she lives so far away from me!

Breakfast at Rudolph’s

We all ate breakfast together at the hotel! I had the best French toast! 


Last minute photos before leaving

Before leaving we shot some extra photos with Kahlea and spent some time in the hot tub! It was so bittersweet knowing that the trip was over! After that we packed our bags and left!


Flight home

This trip was so amazing and I am so grateful for this opportunity to visit The Sarasota Modern. I hope you all loved following along and if you are ever find yourself looking for a place it stay in Sarasota, I highly recommend staying at The Modern! You won’t be disappointed;)

Time to head back to reality!

XO Josie