Josie Sanders

I Got It At Gordmans

Josie Sanders
I Got It At Gordmans

It’s time for a mini bedroom makeover! I always love switching up my home decor, but it can quickly become a pricey habit! Luckily, I was shocked to find so many affordable pieces at Gordmans that could switch up vibe of my bedroom without breaking the bank!

Before I jump into all the fun stuff I got, I wanted to rewind a bit. Last week I was sent on a little shopping spree to Gordmans! I actually had never been in one of their stores before so I had no idea what to expect! I was instantly shocked at how affordable everything in their store was! They had everything from, accessories, makeup, clothes, lounge wear, to home decor and other useful items! And of course the best part is, everything is so affordable! Almost everything in the store is sold at a discounted rate which was so nice shopping because I could get so much more while spending a lot less!

I actually found it a tad overwhelming because there were so many directions I could go in while shopping! Definitely a good shopping problem to have though;) I finally decided I needed some new pieces to spice up my bedroom! I ended up going for a breakfast in bed kind of theme for my shopping haul! Here are all the things I found and I only spent $155!


I decided to get a few fun pieces and small items that could add to my home! Some items included a new plates, a fun notebook, an adorable clock, and a mug! If you know me, you know all of these items are totally my style! I love anything fun and colorful!


I also got 4 new pillows!! This is what I spent the bulk of my budget on! I was in dire need of some new pillows in my bedroom! I was so sick of my old ones and when I say these I fell in love. I think the white knit paired with the light blue pin stripe pillows go so well together and give my room a lighter feel for springtime!

I also snagged a few shirts and some other items because I couldn’t resist! They have some of the cutest graphic tees and tops ever! These were the too I picked! I also go this perfect coffee canister which I thought was adorable. I was shocked to find that Gordmans also carried a few few food items so I grabbed this 0 cal syrup for my coffee! I have a little coffee cart in my house so I though it would serve as a yummy prop that I could have on display!


Here is the finished set up with a few of the items I got! I also got a matching lounge wear set to get some work down on days when I want to stay cozy. I love the change up in some of my room decor, it makes me excited to spend time in this room again! Best of all, I am so pleased with how much I was able to save by shopping at Gordmans! I will definitely be back when I am on the hunt for more affordable finds in the future!

XO Josie