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Josie Sanders
Bridal Accessories | David's Bridal

Bridal Accessories

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Calling all my brides to be, this post is for YOU! As you start to check off all the main must haves for your wedding (dress, venue, caterer, etc.), you are going to want to start thinking of the smaller details! Today’s post is all about those finishing touches and accessories to make you big day magical!

Below I will be linking and mentioning some of my favorite accessories I have found on the David’s Bridal site! We are going to be talking robes, jewelry, lingerie, shoes, and more! Let’s jump in shall we:)


How freaking classy and chic is this customized robe!? I think every bride needs one of these on their wedding day! I love the gold font and the custom name on the back. I can’t wait to be repping my new last name on this robe on my wedding day! You can also click HERE to check out so many other styles of robes on the David’s Bridal site!



Finding the right shoe that is not only cute but COMFORTABLE is key on your wedding day! I actually had the amazing pleasure of standing in the David’s Bridal presentation fashion show last week and I can attest to you that their shoes are amazing!! I was standing for about 3 straight hours and no blisters or aching feet! This is exactly what I was on the hunt for when looking for my wedding shoes! Below I am linking a few of my personal favorite!



Jewelry is also a must! Depending on your dress and hairstyle, you will need to decide which type of jewelry you will want to wear on your big day! David’s bridal has an amazing selection of jewelry that is very affordable too! Below are my personal favorites but I encourage you to check out their jewelry page to see all of their amazing options!

Lingerie + Garters

Don’t forget to think about what you’ll be wearing under your dress on your big day! David’s Bridal has a large variety of options from lingerie sets, shape wear, and even garters! Below I am linking some of my top selects!


Hopefully this helped to give you some ideas and start thinking about what accessories and details you want for your wedding day! You can check out everything David’s Bridal has to offer by clicking the link HERE!

Talk to you babes soon! XO Josie