Josie Sanders

New Year, New Skin // Advanced Clinicals

Josie Sanders
New Year, New Skin // Advanced Clinicals

New Year, New skin. This year I’ve decided to make my skin the healthiest it has ever been.

For so many years I have struggled with subpar skin. It definitely has had it’s lows, but in 2019 things are going to start looking up. In honor of the new year I am going to be sharing a few products I have been using and will continue to use into 2019!

Before I jump into the products, I also wanted to mention a few other tips I have picked up on that definitely contributes to healthier skin for myself. This year I am making a habit of drinking as much water as I can daily, my goal is to eventually drink 8 glasses a day. I have always struggled with drinking water and I have no idea why! I just don’t get that thirsty throughout the day I guess! I also am cutting out some of the dairy in my diet. Definitely not all (because I love dairy wayyy too much), but I will be substituting it when I can especially in my cappuccinos. I find that when I limit my dairy intake my skin is less likely to breakout. And lastly I am going hard on my skin care routine this year lol! Here are some of the products I have loved using!

The Lineup


I have been loving products from Advanced Clinicals lately. I currently have the Activated Charcoal Peel-Off Face Mask, Tea Tree Clarifying Gel Mask, Turmeric Oil, Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Cream, and the Callus Rough Spot Cream! I love using these products right now during the winter as my skin is becoming more dry! They have a wide range of skin care products for any skin need! You can use my code JOSIE30 for 30% OFF your order!

Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Cream


This Brightening Vitamin C cream is great because it lightens dark/ age spots on the skin! I sometimes struggle with dark scaring spots from acne and a product like this is perfect to help brighten those faster and improve my complexion!

2-in-1 Tea Tree Gel Mask

I have always been a big fan of Tea Tree Oil because it helps my acne, so when I found this product I was so excited. It is also super cooling on the skin and it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed when I was it off before bed!

Turmeric Oil


Turmeric is another holy grail item for your skin and I have loved it in oil form! I am always hesitant to put oils on my face in fear of breaking out, but this Turmeric oil does the trick! It is actually for people with blemishes and helps to clear your skin up!

Activated Charcoal Peel-Off Face Mask


This charcoal peel off mask works like a charm if you are looking to clear and minimize your pores! It leaves your skin glowing and refreshed when you take it off too. So satisfying!

Callus Rough Spot Cream


This one I don’t use too often but I love it for the winter because it is a heavy duty moisturizer for areas all over your body that may get dry!


Hope you guys enjoyed seeing what products I have been adding to my skincare routine this year! I will keep you updated on how my skin is throughout the next few months!

Here’s to a great skin year!

XO Josie