Josie Sanders

My Hair

Josie Sanders
My Hair

If you have been staying up to date on my instagram recently, you’d know that my girl Tiffany Groves at MDG Salon has been workin’ some serious magic on my hair!

I have gotten so many questions about my hair since getting it done so I thought today I would answer all your questions and talk about Tiffany & MDG Salon! Let’s jump in.

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Meet Tiffany

A.K.A… Hair Queeeen!

Tiffany is not only amazing at what she does, but she is so kind & super fun to talk to whenever I am getting my hair done with her! She has been in the hair industry for 4 years now and specializes in balayage, highlights/babylights, blonding, dimensional color, soft grow out, lived in color, and loves long layered face framing haircuts! She also does hair extensions for length & thickening. Needless to say, she is extremely talented and that is why I love calling her my stylist! She is currently booking 2019 clients! You can book her at the Indy MDG Salon location by calling (317) 237-5353!

About My Hair

I went to Tiffany awhile back during my senior year of high school. I got a full balayge back then just to brighten up my hair and then let my roots grow out! I am typically pretty low maintenance with my hair and have always loved the way my natural hair lightens in the sun. Fast forward and almost two years later- I am definitely overdue on getting my hair done. Over these past years my hair has gotten so much darker and it is now a light pearly brown! It is definitely a unique color, but I missed being a blonde! It had been so long since I had felt like I had blonde hair! So I called my girl tiffany up and she worked her magic on my hair! I was so excited with the outcome!

Here is a before and after of my hair!

We did a full balayage on my hair using Wella Freelights with B3 added before application. For toning we used Goldwell color to give my hair a “sugar cookie” color! A few weeks later I went back to get my frame highlighted a little more so it would pop more in my photos and editing! #ThatGramLife lol. Here is what my hair looked like after lightening my frame.


I honestly am so pleased with how my hair turned out and I love how easy it will be to maintain since my natural root is still showing! Tiffany is a hair goddess and never disappoints! She is so so talented at what she does!

MDG Salon

The salon Tiffany works at is MDG salon! She is based at the Indy location, but they also have another in Carmel! The space is a beautiful atmosphere to be in! At the salon they do anything from cuts, color, dimensional hair, special occasions, to treatments! They even now have a barber shop inside called Black Orchid! Here are some photos of the salon & space!

For those of you based in Indiana, I highly recommend checking out Tiffany at MDG Salon! Like I have said so many times, she is super talented and is a great person to trust with your hair!

XO Josie