Barcelona Food Guide

For those of you who watch my stories on insta, you know I am a HUGE foodie! And listen to me when I say, THE FOOD IN BARCELONA WAS THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD. No joke. AND it wasn’t even specific Spanish food…. I had the best Italian, Thai, and much more all while I was there as well.

To me Barcelona is a gold mine of amazing food and restaurants so I am sure you can’t go wrong no matter where you choose. But, if you are traveling to Barcelona and want a guarantee that your taste buds will be blown, then I suggest you try a few of these places out;)


This is a great place if you are looking for outdoor seating in a happening area… and of course great food! This is not the most authentic tapas restaurant in Barcelona but the food is still delicious and decently priced! It is located on one of the main shopping streets filled with high end designer shops! It is a fun place to people watch, talk with friends, enjoy a glass of sangria (or pitcher lol) and munch on some tapas!

2.) Böl Barcelona

Okay guys. just thinking about this place makes me want to cry because it was THAT GOOD. Ya I know what you are thinking… Josie, it is literally just a smoothie bowl place. WELL THAT IS WHAT I THOUGHT TOO. You have not fully lived until you’ve tried a smoothie bowl from Barcelona. They sprinklin’ some kind of magic sh** into these smoothies over here!!! Okay Okay… I am done being obnoxious now haha. Honestly though, you will find that there is a smoothie/juice shop on every conner in Barcelona. All are SO affordable too, it makes me cringe coming back to the US and spending so much more money on something that is half the quality. The produce over in Barcelona is SO flavorful and I am assuming it is easily accessible! I definitely think that is why there are so many places to get great smoothies and juice over here. This place in particular though was just next level. Even the blueberries in the bowl were nothing like I had ever had before! We also got an avocado bowl to split which was amazing as well… shocker. So, if you find yourself in Barcelona be sure to hit this place up! Even the aesthetic inside is adorable!


3.) Le Cucine Mandarosso

Alright before we dive in I am just gonna say one thing, this IS the best restaurant I have ever tried in my life. And that is saying a LOT. So honestly I don’t know how we would have found this place if Ashley’s friend didn’t recommend it to us. I am SO happy we went. I have been to Italy and this was 100x better than any Italian restaurant I went to while I was there (or any I have ever tried in the US). If you plan on going here you NEED a reservation. The restaurant opens at 9pm. There was a line outside wait for it to open. It is located down an alley way in the Gothic Quarters. Once it opens everyone with reservations gets seated (mind you it is super small and does not seat many people AT ALL). After that they really don’t seat any more people for the restaurant and they just cook for everyone there. Inside had tall ceilings and looked like a library! We were seated at an actual desk converted into a table. It is owned by and Italian family and the menu changes every night! We got an amazing pasta dish, homemade olive bread, Chianti wine, and two delicious desserts! If you go to any restaurant in Barcelona, MAKE SURE YOU GO HERE.


4.) Brunch & Cake

Before I went to Barcelona, I had so many people tell me I HAD to try this place out. Truthfully I did not expect to be so blown away. This place knows the first thing about aesthetic and their presentation is amazing! Plus this food was to die for. So refreshing and fun! The over atmosphere was just perfect! This would be such a fun place to bring the girls for a fun little brunch;)

5.) Hammock Juice Station

This place is for anyone wanting a refreshing meal! They have amazing salads, juices, smoothies and more! Best part is, the seating on the inside are actual hammocks! So cool, right?!


6.) Morryssom

If you are looking for the most authentic Tapa/Spanish Restaurant possible go here! This is a whole in the wall but has been rated highly by a few food critics. We went during lunch and the prices were insane! We got practically a 4 course meal for 10 euros a piece!

7.) Banna

I have tried so many different Thai restaurants in my life and um.. yeah this was the best. I am a big fan of Massaman Curry and boy was this perfection. Sometimes this curry I feel like can get too sweet or peanuty at some places but this dish here had so much flavor and a nice saltiness to it as well. Also- This Mojito was phenomenal.


8.) Gelatology

This place was just a little Gelato shop we stumbled upon on our walk home from dinner. Amazing flavors, I actually got more of sorbet flavors, but ashley got actual gelato! I am sure there are plenty of great places around this city to get some good gelato though! This one is located in a pretty fun area filled with lots of restaurants around the corner!

Coffee in Barcelona

We went to quite a few coffee shops during our trip and all were equally amazing! Just like juice shops, you can find coffee shops on every single corner. Honestly just pick one, they all are amazing!! The coffee there is very earthy tasting! I always order cappuccinos at coffee shops and they were so unique from anything I have ever tasted. Definitely a very strong coffee flavor!


I’m sorry but American '“Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice” ain’t got NOTHIN on the orange juice from Barcelona. I swear every single place had freshly squeezed orange juice machines. I have seen these machines before but the juice here just tasted different. I have never tasted anything more refreshing in my life. Also- used to paying $5-$10 for fresh juice in the US? Ya… try paying 1 to 2 Euros for it instead! This blew my mind. I was drinking this stuff like water while I was there. I miss it so much now that I am home!

Orange, Carrot, Ginger Juice

One thing I realized while there is that not only can you get Orange juice just about anywhere, you can also get a popular juice drink that I saw labeled as '“The Barcelona” at one place. It is Orange, Carrot, and ginger juice and just about every place had it! You must try it, just like the orange juice it is also SO cheap.

That’s all folks;) Hope you had fun reading this article and found it useful!

XO Josie