Josie Sanders


Josie Sanders

Hello everyone! If you have been staying up to date on my insta stories, you’d know that I recently had the most amazing staycation at the Conrad in Downtown Indy! I thought today I would share on the blog a little about my stay, a tour of our room, and some super fun photos! Also- stay tuned until the end of this post for a 20% discount off your next stay at the Conrad!


I wanted to begin by sharing some photos of the AMAZING room we stayed in! I mean this place was insane! We stayed in the Art Pop Suite which is one of their collection suites. They also have a contemporary, modernism, and surrealism suite and many rooms as well. Here are some photos of our super cool room!


While we were there, we got to utilize their amazing amenities. I am such a sucker for a hot tub or sauna and they had both! They also have an amazing pool, workout facility, and a professional spa! I could have spent an entire day in this area alone! We also took up on the opportunity to get some super cool shots in our amazing suite! Enjoy some of the fun captures we got below. Oh… and we also got room service of course!!


If you guys ever find yourself in indy or are local and looking for a place to getaway I highly recommend checking out the Conrad! Best of all, I have a link for you guys to get 20% OFF when you book your stay! Just click the link below!

XO Josie