Josie Sanders

Luxy Hair Extension Care

Josie Sanders
Luxy Hair Extension Care

What’s up guys! Today I bringing to you a simple but highly requested blog post discussing how I take care of my Luxy Hair Extensions! In case you are new here, I wear the 220g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions for added length and volume to hairstyles and looks! I am not a daily hair extension user which means if you are, how you care for your extensions will look a tad bit different! Don’t worry though, I will address what to do if you are a person that wears them on a frequent daily basis!

1.) Store Properly

This one is HUGE when caring for your extensions and will help their longevity if stored properly. It is important to always gather your extension together, nicely combed through, and to store them in a place where they can’t get tangles! I like to use the storage case below because it allows my extensions to hang straight and protected! You can also just neatly twist them back into their carrying case or a shoe box! Just make sure you are leaving them tangle on the counter or wadded into a ball in a drawer!


2.) Avoid styling products as much as possible

Yes, sometimes a little hairspray is necessary. But once you’ve added hairspray to your extensions, the next time you curl them, adding more won’t help. This can cause a build up of product and can make it harder to comb out your extensions as well. Also the goal is to not have to wash your extensions all the time, so by using minimal product you will be able to make them last longer!

3.) Wash your extensions

So if you only wear your extensions on occasions, I say only wash them about every 10 wears. Now for daily users that are using more heat, product, and just exposing normal wear and tear to to the extensions, should wash them ever 4 wears. Obviously find what works best for you! I try to go as long as possible without washing because washing definitely will stripe the hair which causes them to lose shine over time!

4.) Use oil and hair masks

Yes, even our extensions need a little TLC every now and then! After washing your extensions, apply a mask or some oil to help maintain their shine and keep them silky smooth! As I said, washing can stripe your extensions overtime, so be sure to add products that will help maintain their look.

5.) Heat

Did you know that Luxy Extension are 100% real human hair? Because they are, we need to treat them as such. So don’t forget to add a little heat protectant to your extensions before apply a hot tool! It also helps to wearing second or third time curls with your Luxys. No need to cause extra damage!

I hope you guys found this helpful! If you are a daily extension wearer, just pay a little extra attention to your extensions and know that you may have to spend a little more caring for them! If any of you are interested in getting your own pair of Luxys you can use my code JOSIE at checkout for a discount!

XO Josie